Dianne Blake, Consultant

Christian Women Create Impact Through Courses

I guide you to create impactful and transformational courses and deep community.

Enjoy time and financial freedom and meaningful relationships.

About Dianne Blake

Experienced Consultant & Community Strategist

Dianne’s 25+ years of course creation experience will speed up your course creation process on ANY topic. Book a call and make your course ideas start working for you today!

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Years Experience

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What Dianne Offers

Consulting, Community, and Courses for Your Time & Financial Freedom


Call me for experienced consulting on your course or private community questions.

Online Community

Join our affordable, private, and distraction-free, off-social media, circle of trust environment to increase your clients’s safety.

Online Courses

Don’t delay! My online courses will help you confidently create awesome courses faster than you can imagine.

Expand Your Coaching Business

Create impactful and transformational courses for your clients that
expand your business and give you time and financial freedom.


I’m a firm believer in Try Before You Buy.

We all have limited time and treasure. Spend it on courses that give you time and financial freedom and benefit YOUR clients.

Take these lessons to determine if the entire course is valuable and a good fit for you. Each includes a FREE, no-obligation call with me to review your goals and discuss how the course will improve your courses and expand your business.

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Create Courses that Impact & Transform

Author & Coach: Dianne Blake

This is the first lesson of the Create Courses that Impact & Transform high-impact training. In this FREE and valuable lesson, you discover and define the scope of YOUR impactful and transformational course.

    • For Experienced Coaches & Course Creators
    • 1 Lesson
    • 1-2 hours to Complete
    • 1-hour FREE Consultation
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Seven Secrets that Transform Courses

Author & Coach: Dianne Blake


The Seven Secrets that Transform high-impact training will identify the secrets and guide you through the process of adding these secret elements to create impactful and transformational courses. We are confident that you won’t find these anywhere else.

Once the training is released you can receive the first lesson FREE because I believe in TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

    • For Christian Coaches & Course Creators
    • 1 Lesson
    • 1 hour to Complete
    • .5 hour FREE Consultation

Build Real Relationships in a Distraction-Free “Circle of Trust” Environment

Provide a community that gives your clients what they need
and deserve in The Known Universe.

You Created Amazing Relationships

Now, take your relationships to deeper levels in The Known Universe, an affordable off-social media community platform.

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Share in Safety

Create a “circle of trust” for stronger more intimate relationships.

    • The Known Universe has no ads, PSAs, or algorithms.
    • Our highest priority is privacy so that you can engage at a deeper level with your clients.
    • We don’t allow bots to scan our site looking for keywords and content. Although everyone else is excited about SEO, we don’t allow it. This protects you, your clients, and your content.
    • When Members create their free account, we only collect their name and email address.
    • Members can block others, preventing unwanted conversations and hiding unwanted content.
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Simple Technology

Focus on relationships NOT Tech. Spend your time on what matters.

    • Create your World (group) with your desired features in under an hour. Other platforms often take weeks or months to set up.
    • We help you get your paid Zoom account and online calendar to work in your World.
    • Easily add content to your World, including documents and videos.
    • We have step-by-step videos to help you and your Members with everything.
    • No apps to download. Our browser technology is familiar and easy to use … even on phones.

COMING SOON: Create courses inside your community.

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Excellent Experience

Improve your group experience by removing unnecessary steps, distractions, and confusion.

    • Play video content without leaving your World.
    • Schedule, run, and meet in your Zoom events inside your World.
    • PDF documents are readable online without the need to download them.
    • Clients are notified online and by email when you publish new content.
    • Provide direct links to specific content to simplify content access.
    • Break out discussions in forum topics.
    • Provide direct links to other important sites (similar to Linktree).

COMING SOON: Brand your community.